Not only is the month of new products like SmartPhone, Camera, Laptop … and many other technology products. But the Smart Watch has always been a “bright spot” and has never been overshadowed at any time. Because it is also the reason that “people play” Smart Watch has never been obsolete by a new product at all. In response to the faith and the love that fans have for themselves, the smart watch market has been constantly growing, and the following is the TOP 8 most affordable smart watches in October that you can Reference to choose for yourself the most suitable one. Be more impressed with just a smart watch on your wrist! First will be “super product” just launched Samsung Galaxy Watch. We can say Samsung Galaxy Watch is a new “evolution” of design compared to Gear S3, an earlier version. There is no denying that this watch possesses both subtle and traditional details, so “she” will always bring a strange feeling when in hand. Next is Garmin Forerunner 645 Music. Not only did it impress at first sight, but Forerunner 645 Music also created a certain number of fans thanks to its great features. Also the smart watch series for sports lovers, this version has always created great miracles. What do you think about the Apple Watch Series 4 smart watch? Apple has almost begun to make new breakthroughs in its development process. A completely new, unique screen design that brings extremely interesting experiences to users. First, we have to mention that the screen border is designed much thinner and almost overflow compared to the previous generation, combined with rounded curved edges to create a certain seamlessness. Can not ignore the brother Fossil Gen 4 – Q Venture HR. There is no denying that Fossil Gen 4 – Q Venture HR is one of the most beautiful smart watches on the market today. Not limited or too bland by old designs, Q Venture HR has a beautiful exterior with classic stainless steel material in pink gold and with sparkling crystals.