The back cover designed by Amigo is inspired by cameras with lenses and the position of the buttons is the same as the front of the camera. The lens has simulated buttons that are designed with incredible proportions to make your iPhone transform into a unique camera. The Camera case case will both protect your phone from scratches, and give your phone a unique style. The panel is compatible with 6 plus / 6S Plus, with a rugged design with an eye-catching texture. Cladding is made from high-grade lumpy plastic, a metal cladding head can be removed to install the phone, so it is very modern and luxurious.

Behind the panel there is also a small leg, when you open it can keep your iPhone standing horizontally, very handy when you want to watch movies or play games without the phone on hand. Part of the circle around the center of the panel can be removed easily when you want him to have a 4 in 1 lens. 4 in 1 lens includes: 1 Fisheye lens (ankle), 1 Lens macro (close shot), 1 Wide Lens (wide angle), 1 lens CPL (polarizing filter)

This set of products is a perfect set for iPhone 6 plus / 6S Plus owners, you can protect the machine by the back cover, and have beautiful pictures with the 4-in-1 lens set. .

Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus waterproof bag for cartoon smartphones

The waterproof bag is made of PVC material, the sealed bag mouth has 2 sure pins, you should check the bag lock carefully before carrying the phone into the water. The front of the clear color bag, you can use the touch screen normally.