The fashion of the previous century has returned and made millions of gentlemen crazy. So, how to dress with personality, stand out and bring the classic vintage direction in the 1990s? Find out with! The dress style is as cool as the 90s style The 90s of the twentieth century marked the development of many fashion trends such as Hippie, Grunge … Although more or less, those years also left a lot of influence, many ways of coordinating influence to the day. now on. Fashion always has a cycle of repeating old trends, which is why fashion in the 90s has returned, changed and “benefited” more than before.

1 Torn jeans

Don’t choose too many torn jeans. The kind of tearing of pillows or having some light ragged lines with light green or black will make you look extremely personality but still polite.

2 Overalls

Do not be afraid that you become a country worker, extremely active and fashionable overalls. Please cleverly mix the map to look so youthful!

3 Denim jacket

The best item of the decade of the 90s – Just dusty, individual, both fascinating and strange

4 Leather jacket

Leather jackets will quickly turn you into a masculine and rebellious rocker. Combine with a couple of Chelsea boots for the proper costumes of the 90s.

5 Checkered shirt

Caro shirt can be worn all year round, giving you an attractive look and a little bit of need

6 High-heeled leather shoes

Genuine leather material with strong seams makes the high-heeled boots become an extremely favorite item of fashion followers 90s