In recent years, when you go on the road, you always come across someone staring at your watch and stroking, listening to music, even talking into it, right. That is smartwatch smart watch. Basically, a smartwatch is a watch equipped with additional microprocessor software. They can listen to music, receive notifications from the phone, answer calls, track health, sleep monitoring, … In Vietnam market, there are 2 types of smart watches that you need to know, that are:

Smartwatch in the low-end segment: there are many features, advertised as being used as a miniature phone with dozens of “seemingly high-end” features. For example, playing games, terrible memory up to 16GB, taking pictures, recording videos, etc. But most of them are from China. High-end Smartwatch: features depend on each carrier. However, often they are able to monitor good health, track sports, can replace the watch face comfortably, the battery life is quite low, can support listening to direct calls, … So what does a smart watch do? What is it used to do? Typically, users will go to smartwatch when they have the following needs:

Smart features. You can set up to receive notifications from apps, messages, calls, even answer them directly on the watch. For some types of smartwatch like Huawei Watch 2 4G, you can even mount sim to use it as a standalone phone.

In addition, you can store music, listen to music online, offline; change hundreds of different watch faces; Check the weather; check calendar; set vibration alarm; use browser to find data; watch youtube; …