How to make our skinny girls have really attractive outfits. Thin girls often have stout, lifeless physique, curves that are not seductive. In addition, the skinny girls often think that I simply dress very easily, wearing baggy clothes, easy to worry about the size, but like that we become ragged, without body softness. So what is the solution for the slender girls still have charming curves like full girls. Sometimes, we wear too much, we can not fit too much. Because of the wide wear, the body bag, the body is tight and exposed. But we should not rush to worry, please be confident because we have completely private secrets to overcome this drawback. Today, the article will introduce to you how to mix fashion clothes for skinny women to be glamorous! Why do we have to increase the size of the body 1 because the thin-faced girls are usually round, not full. Therefore, when wearing, we will create special highlights to create a point of attention for those who look at their first round. Let’s try the dress, the shirt with the boat neck, the wide neck to increase the display of my ring 1.

In addition, the thin girls try to play with the shoulder-length, loose-fitting shirts so we can have our own rounds. The neck of the shirt we should choose the shirt with neck attached with stones, attach the type of jewelry to create a ring point 1.

” When we wear costumes we can scratch our clothes so that we can create a perfect bulge for our 1st round. When we have such great accents, why don’t we make our first round perfect? “

Ms. Karen Morales – Fashion Designer

Another great way to increase the size of the 1st round is that we can choose the bra to lift the ring 1 up. The shirt has a rounded cushion to create accents for the body, in addition to choosing a suitable shirt, not too wide, not too tight to move, we are not being ruffled and not even be short when choosing a bra .