Why arrange neat and scientific desks? Your work efficiency has a large part of the impact of the workspace. If you have a neat working space, you will feel more comfortable while working and of course, the higher your work results will be. Rules for arranging neat and scientific desks

1. On the left of the desk
Laptop or computer with liquid crystal display is the perfect choice if you want your desk to be neat and “save” area for other items.

2. Above the right corner
You should put a bottle of pen and a small lamp in this position. Pen containers should be placed near the computer for ease of use and it will be safe and not fall. Since the lamp is only used at night if needed and it also occupies a relatively large area, the right corner is the most reasonable.

3. Above left corner
This is the location closest to the computer and easy to see when working, you should put important documents. Installing a compartment case and marking each type will make it easier to find them when needed.

4. The bottom right corner
This is also a relatively easy location. A small notebook that notes things to do is perfectly appropriate, you will focus on the notebook and watch it any time.

5. The bottom left corner
This position is for urgent documents and documents. This is the position in your vision so you will never forget it. You will have peace of mind because you know that all the documents you need to do have been completed, not to search through the table to see if there is any remaining.

6. Drawers
Keep important items in small drawers such as USB, business cards, corporate invitations … But don’t leave them too many in number because it will be hard to get and they can be mixed together. If there is another larger drawer, you should leave the files that are rarely used but cannot leave.

7. The space under the table
This space should be used to decorate some unimportant but necessary items.